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Meet Mexico’s Favorite Dog: The Xoloitzcuintles

April 1 2021

Did you know that Mexico’s national dog is the Xoloitzcuintles? The proper pronunciation for the official breed name is show-low-eats-queen-tlee, but these cute pups are often commonly called the Xolo. A Rialto, CA vet discusses the Xolo below.


There are two main types of Xolos: hairless and coated. These pups also come in three sizes: toy, miniature, and standard. Fido can also wear a variety of colors, from brindle to pink and brown. One thing they all have in common? They’re super cute!


Xolos have been around for a very long time. In fact, unearthed dog skulls that match the Xolo’s size and features have been dated as 3300 years old. Columbus and other explorers even mentioned these ‘strange, hairless dogs’ in their journals. The ancient Aztecs named the breed after their fire god, Xolotl, who had a dog’s head. The word itzcuintli, which makes up the rest of Fido’s full name, is actually the Aztec word for dog. The Aztecs considered the Xolo to be sacred, and thought they had healing powers. They were often buried with their owners, so they could guide, serve, and protect them in the next world. They are still treasured in Mexico today.


Xolos are in many ways the perfect dog. Loyal, obedient, and calm, these pups form very strong bonds with their humans. They also tend to fall into the ‘happy medium’ sweet spot for many behavioral traits. For instance, they are playful and love to go on long walks, but they are pretty laid-back at home. They do act as watchdogs, but aren’t extremely vocal, and don’t usually bark for no reason. Just like any other dog, they do need structure. Fido’s daily doggy routine should include playtime and exercise, as well as some quality time with his humans.

Hairless Xolo

The hairless Xolo is a great choice for people who are allergic to pets, as well as anyone who just doesn’t want to deal with a lot of dog fur. It’s worth noting that they do have very sensitive skin. You will need to apply sunscreen to Fido when it’s hot. Hairless Xolos also need warm jackets when it’s cold, and often appreciate heated beds or thermal blankets. Ask your vet for specific care tips.

Do you have questions about caring for a xolo? Contact us, your Rialto, CA veterinary clinic, today!

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