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Dr. DuPrez

Dr. Tracy DuPrez

Veterinarian, Practice Owner

At the age of 12, Dr. Tracy DuPrez was asked to do a report on what she wanted to be when she grew up. She found a great article on zoo veterinarians, and decided right away that she wanted to become an animal care professional. The rest is history! Dr. DuPrez’s passion just never quit. Now, she’s the proud owner and chief veterinarian here at Valley Animal Hospital.

Dr. DuPrez hails from Glendora and took animal-care classes in high school, gaining hands-on experience outside of the classroom at a small-animal clinic nearby. She’s been in the veterinary field since she was 15 years old! Dr. DuPrez attended the University of California-Davis for veterinary school, and started working for her mentor at a hospital in Rancho Cordova during her third year. She would remain there after graduating, then moved back to her hometown in Southern California and signed on at a local clinic there. 

In 2009, after eight years as a veterinarian, Dr. DuPrez decided to take the next step and achieve her dream of practice ownership. She purchased Valley Animal Hospital from the previous owner, Dr. Kenneth Cox, and she’s been caring for the pets and animal parents of the area ever since. Dr. DuPrez’s favorite parts of her job are the puzzle-solving that she gets to do every day and the fact that no two shifts are ever quite the same. Above all, she loves witnessing firsthand the incredible bonds between pets and their loving owners. 

When she has spare time away from work, Dr. DuPrez enjoys playing tennis, and she plays regularly with friends and in local leagues. In addition, she’s an avid violinist and even played in volunteer orchestras for 10 years. Dr. DuPrez also likes spending time at home with her own pets. She and her partner—an architect who is responsible for Valley Animal Hospital’s beautiful new building!—have three dogs and two cats. The canine portion of the family includes Summer, who can often be seen greeting people here at the clinic; a senior Pit Bull named Melody; and Banjo, who may be the happiest dog Dr. DuPrez has ever met. Two black and white cats, Guiness and Batman, round out the family. 

Dr. Bowers

Dr. Christina Bowers


Becoming a veterinarian is the only thing that Dr. Christina Bowers ever dreamed of doing in life. Her passion simply never wavered. Now, she gets to help pets on a daily basis—she’s proud to serve as a veterinarian with the Valley Animal Hospital team!

Dr. Bowers is originally from Baltimore, Maryland and has been working with animals ever since she was a teenager. She began her career as a Kennel Attendant, then worked as a Technician for several years between her undergraduate studies and veterinary school. In 2007, Dr. Bowers moved to Southern California to attend the Western University of Health Sciences to study veterinary medicine. She graduated in 2011 and remained in the area to launch her career as a licensed veterinarian. Dr. Bowers has been here ever since!

At home, Dr. Bowers enjoys making jewelry, tending to her plants, cheering on the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes basketball team, and doting on her own pets. She shares her life with a dog, Ruxin, Zorro the cat, and a menagerie of pocket pets. 

Dr. Reed

Dr. Skye Reed

Associate Veterinarian

Growing up, Dr. Skye Reed had a German Shepherd who suffered from epilepsy. She always thought that if she became a vet one day, she would be able to cure her dog’s seizures. Dr. Reed stayed laser-focused on that goal ever since! Now, she gets to help pets every day—she’s a proud member of the veterinary team here at Valley Animal Hospital.

Dr. Reed grew up in Thousand Oaks, California and earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Oklahoma. She signed on for her first veterinary job as a Kennel Technician at a clinic in Norman during school, then took a position as an Assistant at another veterinary clinic, where she was able to work with everything from cats, dogs, and rabbits to chickens, goats, cattle, and even monkeys! Next, Dr. Reed headed to the Caribbean to attend Ross University’s School of Veterinary Medicine before finishing her clinical year at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Finally, she moved back home to Southern California and signed on with the Valley Animal Hospital team in June of 2021. 

Outside of work, Dr. Reed likes trail riding on horseback and going to the beach with her dogs. She has two canine companions—Dale, a Great Pyrenees/Border Collie mix who Dr. Reed adopted during her undergraduate studies, and an island dog from the Caribbean named Tito—as well as an orange tabby cat named Patrick and a dramatic Western Hognose snake, Gary.

Dr. Annaliese Elsberg

Dr. Annaliese Elsberg 

Associate Veterinarian

As a child growing up in southern Orange County, Annaliese was always coming home with stray animals. By age 5, she knew she wanted to be a veterinarian. Looking back, she recalls one family dog in particular who required extensive care. Seeing the emotional and financial stress that came as a result of this need further inspired Annaliese to one day be able to educate pet owners and promote the importance of animal wellness. As an accomplished vet, Dr. Elsberg can now say she’s fulfilled that childhood goal and then some!

After high school, Dr. Elsberg enrolled in Cal Poly Ponoma, where she double majored in zoology and animal sciences and earned her Bachelor of Science degree. During that time, she also worked full time as a veterinary technician to gain hands-on experience. Dr. Elsberg went on to earn her DVM from Ross Veterinary School in the Caribbean. Clinically, she has a passion for dermatology, having had multiple animals who suffered from chronic allergies and skin disorders. She also enjoys dental care and soft tissue surgery.

Dr. Elsberg lives with her boyfriend, Sean, and their five dogs: Nestle, Max, Moo, Jelly, and Yeti. Nestle is the oldest and the boss of the house. Max is a lover whose goal is to fit as many tennis balls in his mouth as possible. Moo loves everyone and is the best little sister. Jelly’s obsessions include food and cuddles. And Yeti is just a gentle giant.

When she’s not home enjoying her family, you’ll probably find Dr. Elsberg on the beach or river, camping, or hiking. She also enjoys traveling, going to concerts and exploring new cities. Her side hobby at home is working on her ’95 Ford Bronco.