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How to Help Your Dog Deal With Fireworks

July 1 2021

The 4th of July is just around the corner. While most of us are anticipating celebrating America’s birthday bash, it’s also critical to keep in mind that this can be a very unsafe holiday for our doggie friends. Many pooches are completely terrified of fireworks! A local veterinarian offers some advice on some ways to help your dog cope.

Crate Time

When used the correct way, crates can be an extreme help. The important thing is to make certain that your furry buddy thinks of his crate like it’s a comfy, cozy den, and not like he’s putting in jail time. If Fido likes his crate, he could feel safer there. Make sure that he has comfortable bedding. Offering him a toy or special treat can also help keep him distracted.

Calming Shirt

A calming, snug shirt may benefit your pet if he’s extremely terrified of loud noises. Snug shirts are kind of the equivalent of weighted blankets for doggies. Of course, Fido might not like it, so it’s important to see how he reacts.

Early Workout

Fido is always a bit calmer after he’s burned off some of his excess zoomies. Before it gets dark, take your pooch for a long walk. A vigorous play session can also help tire him out.


Showering your dog with too much attention can unexpectedly reward him for being nervous, so keep it to a minimum. If Fido is scared, petting and talking to him a little may help soothe him.

Pet-Calming Products

Another thing you might want to try is some pet-calming pheromones. These come in a variety of products, including collars, treats, and sprays. Contact your local pet clinic for more information.

Background Noise

When you bring your dog inside, it might be a good idea to turn on the TV or radio. This may help reduce the sound of firework booms. Plus, the background noise could help calm Fido down.


Our furry buddies all have special personalities, and some are just more hyper than others. If Fido is generally high strung, you may try a desensitization process. Play a CD or stream something that sounds like a thunderstorm or loud noises. Keep the volume low at first, gradually increasing it as time goes on. (This may take several days, weeks, or months.)

Happy Fourth of July! Contact your local vet clinic in Bloomington, CA, for more ideas or additional information.

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