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Bunnyproofing Basics

March 1 2021

Have you been considering adopting a bunny? Rabbits are very cute and sweet little pets, and they can make wonderful animal companions. However, they do have different care needs than dogs and cats. Floppy needs to chew constantly to keep her teeth healthy. You’ll need to do quite a bit of petproofing to make your home safe for her. A Rialto, CA veterinarian offers some tips on this below.

Baseboards/Furniture legs

These items are often prime bunny targets. Not only are they often made of wood, they’re also at the perfect height for Floppy to nibble on. It’s worth your while to get protective coverings. Otherwise, use taste deterrents.

Rabbit Holes

Bunnies can fit into some very small openings. They also like to get beneath beds and sofas and nibble at the bottom upholstery. Seal off spaces below and beneath furniture and cabinets. (Tip: Plastic storage totes are a good option here, as you can also keep things in them.)

Small/Sharp Objects

Anything small or sharp is a definite hazard. This includes things like beads, buttons, sewing kit pieces, and small toys.


Toxic plants are a huge concern. Keep only safe plants within reach of those cute paws! The ASPCA has a list here. This list is geared towards dogs and cats, but it’s usually safe to assume that if something is unsafe for Fido and Fluffy, it’s not good for Floppy either. Ask your vet for more information.

Personal Items

Keep things like shoes, wallets, phones, and books in spots your rabbit can’t access. We also recommend keeping closet doors shut.


Floppy sometimes likes to nibble on carpet threads. You may want to put mats down in the areas she is allowed to play in.

Wires And Cords

Electrical cords are another big safety risk for rabbits. Floppy could be seriously injured if she were to bite into a live wire. This is also a fire hazard. Use protective casings and/or taste deterrents on any wires you can’t move out of paws’ reach.


Household chemicals, such as cleaning agents, paints, turpentine, bleach, and automotive products, should always be stored in cabinets your furry friend can’t get into. This applies to medication (both prescription and OTC) as well. Lawn/garden products, such as fertilizers, are also unsafe.

Our Advice on Bunnyproofing Basics in 2024

How can you protect baseboards and furniture legs from a bunny’s chewing?

To protect baseboards and furniture legs from a bunny’s chewing, consider using protective coverings such as plastic guards or bitter-tasting deterrent sprays specifically designed for pets. These coverings can be placed around the furniture base and along baseboards to create a physical barrier. Alternatively, providing your bunny with plenty of appropriate chew toys and items like untreated wood blocks or rabbit-safe toys can redirect their chewing behavior away from household items. Regularly offering these alternatives can help satisfy their natural urge to chew while keeping your furniture safe.

What types of small or sharp objects pose hazards to rabbits in the home?

Small or sharp objects pose significant hazards to rabbits in the home. Items like beads, buttons, sewing kit pieces, and small toys can be easily ingested, leading to intestinal blockages or choking. Sharp objects such as nails, staples, and shards of broken glass can cause oral injuries or internal damage if chewed or swallowed. Also, ingesting rubber bands, plastic bags, and strings can be dangerous. It’s crucial to keep these items out of reach and regularly check the rabbit’s accessible areas to ensure their environment remains safe and hazard-free.

What personal items should you keep out of a rabbit’s reach?

Personal items that should be kept out of a rabbit’s reach include shoes, wallets, phones, and books. Rabbits are naturally curious and may chew on these items, potentially ingesting harmful materials or causing damage. Additionally, electrical items like remote controls or headphones should be stored safely, as they contain small parts and batteries that can be hazardous if chewed. Clothing, especially those with loose threads or buttons, and any small, easily swallowed items should also be kept away. Creating a rabbit-proof area where personal items are inaccessible is crucial for their safety.

How can you safeguard electrical wires and cords from bunny chewing?

To safeguard electrical wires and cords from bunny chewing, use protective casings like plastic tubing or flex conduit, which can encase wires and deter rabbits. Additionally, you can apply pet-safe bitter-tasting sprays on cords to discourage chewing. It is essential to inspect cords for damage and replace them if necessary regularly. Keeping wires elevated and out of reach, securing them to walls or behind furniture, and organizing them with cord management tools can also help. Providing your bunny with appropriate chew toys can redirect their chewing behavior away from hazardous items.

What household chemicals and garden products must be stored securely away from rabbits?

Household chemicals and garden products that must be securely stored away from rabbits include cleaning agents, paints, turpentine, bleach, and automotive products. Medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, also pose significant risks and should be kept out of reach. In the garden, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides are hazardous and should be securely stored. Rabbits are curious and can quickly ingest or come into contact with these substances, leading to serious health issues. Always ensure such products are in cabinets or areas inaccessible to your rabbit to ensure their safety.

Do you have questions about bunny care? Contact us, your local Rialto, CA veterinary clinic, today!

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