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Back To School Pet Safety

August 15 2023

Believe it or not, summer is already starting to wind down, and school is starting up again. Our furry friends manage to get into mischief at any time of year, and the start of school is no exception.

Here are a few safety tips:

Keep School Supplies Out Of Paws’ Reach

Fido and Fluffy are curious and playful, and may be quite interested in investigating your little ones’ school supplies. Your four-legged pal could get seriously hurt or sick if they were to eat or chew on things like glue, pencils, scissors, staples, and markers. Store backpacks and lunchboxes in spots your pet can’t reach. (Note: if you use a system, such stickers or a chalkboard, to track and monitor your child’s behavior, chores, and progress, this is a good thing to add to it.)

Choose Nontoxic Products

Never underestimate pets’ capacity for mischeif. No matter how careful you are, Fido and Fluffy may still get into your child’s school things at some point. Err on the side of caution, and choose non-toxic products when shopping for things like paint and markers.

Don’t Share Lunches

Many lunchbox classics, like grapes and raisins, are toxic to our four-legged friends. Keep lunch boxes and bags away from pets. Talk to your kids about Fido and Fluffy’s diet, and let them know that many foods aren’t safe for them. Other things on the no-no list include chocolate, avocados, meat on the bone, raw dough or yeast, nuts, and mushrooms. It’s also best to avoid processed foods, with the exception of some deli meats, as many of them contain things like xylitol, and are high in fat, salt, and/or sugar.

Be Cautious At Drop offs

We’ve all seen adorable videos of kids being walked to and from bus stops by their dogs, cats, or even chickens. This is cute, but it’s not safe to let your animal companions out unsupervised near roads or traffic. If you take your furry bff with you for drop offs or pickups, keep him on a leash.

Make Time To Play 

Last but not least, pay some extra attention to your four-legged pal. This can be a tough time for Fido and Fluffy, as they may have gotten used to having their younger humans around more often.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your animal clinic in Rialto, CA, today!

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