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6 Cheap Ways To Make Your Dog’s Day

November 1 2021

Thanksgiving is getting closer and closer. And we are so thankful for our canine companions! Dogs are not only loyal, loving, and playful, but also absolutely adorable. They serve as living reminders that sometimes the best things in life really are the little things. It doesn’t take much to make Fido happy. Here, a vet lists some budget-friendly ways to get that tail going!


Playing is definitely fun for Fido, and it also offers him a great workout and beneficial mental stimulation. Try to make a habit of setting aside at least a few minutes of doggy playtime every day. This will keep your furry pal both happy and healthy!


Did you know learning new things is something that many of our canine buddies actually like? Mastering a new command or trick can be a big confidence booster for your pooch. Plus, dogs really strive to please their humans. When Fido earns praise for being a good boy, you can see how adorably happy he gets!


Man’s Best Friend gets so much more out of your daily walks than just a potty break. Dogs gather a lot of information from scents and smells. Sniffing around offers your pup mental stimulation and helps satisfy his natural curiosity about his surroundings. You should walk your pet at least once a day, even if you have a yard for your furry buddy to patrol and chase squirrels in. Try not to think of walking Fido as a chore. The clean air and exercise will be good for you, too!

Comfy Beds

Though it’s just a small luxury, good bedding can make a huge difference. Your pooch will spend around half of his time sleeping, so it’s important for him to have a good bed to doze off in. For larger dogs, we usually recommend orthopedic beds.

New Toys

When he spots a new plaything, Fido is always super cute. You don’t have to go all out when buying dog toys, though. Try making a homemade rope pull by cutting an old towel or tee-shirt into strips, and then braiding them together. Instant tail wags!


Just plain paying attention to Fido is the best way to get hi’s tail going. We must nurture that special bond we form with our canine pals!

Do you have questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, our local animal clinic in Rialto, CA, today

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