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Unusual Cat Eating Habits

September 15 2022
  Cats are well-known for their mysterious ways. We all know that, but did you know that their eating habits can sometimes be quite odd? Of course, all animals have their own individual quirks and ticks, which is why we love them. Read on as a vet talks about some unusual eating habits your cat may get into.    

Finicky Eaters, They Are


  Cats have finicky eating habits. They simply do not like to eat what we humans would consider the “normal” way. However, there is nothing wrong with your cat’s behavior if they prefer to eat in an unusual manner—it’s just something that’s natural to them.       No matter what kind of cat you have, you’ll notice that they all have a few things in common. They sleep a lot, and they love to play.       But what you might not know is that each cat has his own distinct personality, and they each have their unique eating habits. Here are some of the most common ones:    



  “Tongue-rolling” is one of the most popular ways cats eat. When a cat rolls their tongue back into their mouth, this allows them to push food further into their throat and make it easier for them to swallow it. This technique can be used with large chunks of meat or wet food, but since cats don’t like wet kibble, tongue rolling may not be very useful when it comes to dry food.    



  “Lapping” is another common way for cats to eat. This involves smacking their lips together while they lap up liquids from bowls or other containers like water bottles or even water fountains! Lapping is quite common among older cats who often lose their sense of smell as they age—they may not be able to smell their food anymore so they resort instead to lapping up liquids so that they can still get some nutrition from what’s left on the plate after you’ve eaten your own meals.    

Eating Poop


  Cats will eat their own poop. Yuck!       This is a weird one, but it’s true. Cats do it to get the nutrients from their food back into their system, so they can digest it again and make use of those nutrients in their bodies. It might seem gross, but at least it’s natural.       If you have more questions or are concerned about a particular behavior your cat is displaying, please feel free to call our office anytime.

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