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Welcome to Valley Animal Hospital's Construction Blog. Here you will find updates, pictures and information on the construction progress of our new hospital. Please subscribe to receive updates on new blog posts.

Framing Progress of the New Hospital October 6, 2019

We are getting our inspections completed and things are really starting to happen. We were finally able to bury the sprinkler line and we are starting to get the plumbing in. The HAVC is going to really start going this week and we are going to start electrical as well. The interior framing is scheduled to be completed by midweek, and we are going to start framing the exterior roof line and rough openings for doors and windows. Come back soon for more updates!

Tour of Framing Progress

This is a video tour of our construction progress as of October 6, 2019. Ryan Lopez takes you through a quick tour starting at the east entry, through the lobby and into the back area where all the care happens. There is more to see with the southwest portion of the building now being worked on. You will see progress on the laboratory, west entrance, comfort room, back storage/entry isolation room, ultrasound and radiography room, as well as the treatment room and second floor. More to come!

Framing Progress of the New Hospital September 15,...
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