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Welcome to Valley Animal Hospital's Construction Blog. Here you will find updates, pictures and information on the construction progress of our new hospital. Please subscribe to receive updates on new blog posts.

Framing Progress of the New Hospital September 15, 2019

Construction is coming along very nicely! in the video and pictures below, you will see we are well into the rough framing phase of our project and you might even see some HVAC duct work in the ceiling areas. We are hoping to call for rough framing inspection by the end of next week. After that, we will have the HVAC, electrical and plumbing contractors installing our infrastructure. It will be very impressive to see all the stuff that goes into a building like this, that you never would have known about since it all gets covered up in the end leaving clean walls, floors and ceilings. 

Tour of Framing Progress

This is a video tour of our construction progress as of September 15, 2019. Dr. Tracy DuPrez takes you through a quick tour from the front entry, through the lobby of our new facility, and on to the exam rooms and treatment/surgical areas. We are still on schedule for our February 3, 2020 opening date. More to come!

Framing Progress of the New Hospital October 6, 20...
July 13, 2019 Construction Update
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